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So true, the irony (:

Jonas Voss

Jonas Voss

Goulash Disko 2019 - the crowdfunded festival

1 min read

I watched both of the Fyre Festival documentaries, and found them fascinating. The way social media was used, the way they were selling it as a unique experience, that by participating in it, would make you unique and special as well.

Well, the best festival to deliver on this concept is in my opinion, Goulash Disko.

It's a festival taking place on the island of Vis in Croatia, and although they can't market it as an island formerly belonging to a drug trafficker, it was allegedly used by Tito as a hideout in the early 1940s, when he was hiding in a cave on the island.

Goulash Disko has been happening every year since 2013, and the unique part of the festival is, that it's 100% crowd funded. The funding run just started this past week, and it's already over 100% funded.

I participated in the one in 2013, the first one, and it was a great experience. From what I know, it has only gotten better. I recommend it, if you don't have any plans for mid-September yet.

Lineups to be announced I believe, but you can check out the lineups from previous years on their website on the link above.

Jonas Voss

Netflix "My List" woes

2 min read

Here's a 1st world problem of mine.

The maximum number of items you can have on My List on Netflix is 500. This seems to be a legacy policy from when Netflix was DVD based, and was shipping items to people.

When you hit this limit, you have to remove titles from your list to be able to add new ones. This was not something Netflix told me, I had to figure it out when app/website wouldn't allow me to add new titles to my list. It didn't say what the issue was, it would just say it couldn't be added. I've later had confirmation from Netflix, that this was the case.

I didn't know about this limit until I hit it, and it's not something the UI makes you aware of in any way. There's no counter of how many titles you have on your My List. There's no indication when adding a title to My List how many are in there now. There are zero clues about this.

After reading online about this legacy policy about 500 items being the limit, I contacted Netflix support to ask if I could have the 500 items limit lifted. I was told that was not possible, and I would have to manually remove items from My List one by one.

If only My List had some kind of functionality to order the data on that list. Say, sorting by date added, watch length, whether you watched it or not. Over time I've not been the only person frustrated by this, judging from the results of searching online, and a number of people have written Greasemonkey scripts, user scripts, etc, to address this shortcoming. Unfortunately, none of the scripts I've tried are working anymore, because Netflix keeps changing their API making it impossible to get the data from them in an effective way.

I just have a single feature request for Netflix. They don't have to build any sort of functionality into My List itself, but if they could create a button for your account, which with a single press removed all watched titles from My List, that would really make my day. It would also not waste my time removing them one by one from their web interface which, at best, is as enjoyable and rewarding as watching paint dry.

Jonas Voss

I was never a user, but it sounds like a great service. A real shame it's shutting down.

I'm wondering why they aren't open-sourcing it, that at least would remove the time constraint. If it's a really useful scholarly tool, then possibly some universities would like to use it/invest some resource in it? For the discovery aspect, federating it sounds like the best option. Each university could offer their instance to their users, and federate it with other universities/educational institutions.

Jonas Voss

location test

1 min read

Trying the location feature in indigenous to see how Known handles it.

Jonas Voss

Busy bees

0 min read

Spring bees.

Jonas Voss

I replaced the Nexus 7 with a Pixel C with the folio cover, which has been my favourite gadget ever, honestly. Versatile, portable, etc, but I don't think they make them anymore. If you can find a 2nd hand 64gb version, I recommend them though.

There are likely much cheaper and HW-wise more up to date Android tablets out there, but as I'm happy with the Pixel C for now, I haven't done any research, so not much help from me there I'm afraid (:

Jonas Voss

I sadly had to put one of the household's Nexus 7 to rest. Symptoms not entirely like yours, except for the eternal boot times. Mine ended up being so laggy it was impossible to use.

Good luck!

Jonas Voss

Session Victim @ Jazz Cafe, London

1 min read

Had the pleasure of seeing Session Victim play at Jazz Cafe in Camden, London on Saturday. The video doesn't do it justice, it was a very lively performance, with excellent music of course. You should definitely go check them out if they are playing near you in the future.

Session Victim

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