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Jonas Voss

Scott Galloway looks back at his 2018 predictions, and makes his predictions for 2019.

Every time I watch these I'm thinking, that some business leaders out there are either saying "how does he know this", or taking notes on where to go next.

Jonas Voss

My friend Simon released his app called Peregrine this week. From the description:
"Pick a starting point and an end point – Paris to Berlin, Mumbai to Kathmandu, Vancouver to Mexico City, or anywhere else – and walk the journey with your own steps. Every day, you'll see a new photo taken at the place you've virtually reached."
iOS only, get it here:

Jonas Voss

I used to have an interactive map that I maintained listing the countries I had visited. It was hosted on a site called world66, which is no longer. Went looking for an alternative, and found - bingo.

Jonas Voss

Jonas Voss

Looking forward to catching up later!

Jonas Voss

That's a great anecdote Paul, thanks for sharing (: I was really impressed with what VRML was capable of.

Jonas Voss

Consuming Instagram differently

5 min read

I've been looking for a different way of consuming Instagram. Facebook has introduced more and more features in their neverending quest to wrestle users from Snapchat and onto Instagram, and I don't care for those. I like Instagram, the photo sharing part, not so much the TV and Stories part. The other reason is that whole privacy thing, of course. Turns out big social media players weren't quite the stewards of our personal data we were hoping for, and spending less time on actual social media websites seems like a good thing.

Except for some musicians and photographers, I don't follow brands on Instagram. I mainly follow people I know. Family, friends, and tags. Being a camera and photo enthusiast, I enjoy looking at photos taken with a variety of cameras and film, and a lot of people use Instagram to show their analogue makings.

For a while I used an app called Hermit on Android. Hermit is a wrapper that turns mobile web versions of websites into apps. It has ad blocking, and a bunch of other nice features. Using Hermit helped me get rid of ads on Instagram, and their algorithm somehow works differently on there as well. I liked the ordering better, it seemed to be more chronological. Only downside: I had to consume it on my phone. It was good, but not great. and Atom to the rescue

Thankfully, people much smarter than me are creating tools for consuming silo'ed social media in different ways. One such tool is Granary.

To be able to get the feed of your friends, and not the feed of your own damn self, you need to find your sessionid cookie value from Instagram. Do the following:

Edit: There's actually a much easier way to do the below, by using - thanks to Ryan for pointing it out.

  • Open the Chrome Browser
  • go to and login with your account
  • after logging in, open the developer console of your browser, and reload the page
  • find the "Application" tab and click it
  • in the left hand panel there's a "Cookies" item, click the chevron to the left of it to expand it
  • click on the line that says
  • in the list of cookies like csrftoken, ig_cb, mid, and rur, there should also be a cookie called "sessionid"
  • copy the value of sessionid

Next, open, and click on the Instagram logo. Granary will load up this url, and then you have to fill out some fields. You need to fill in your Instagram username, select @friends from the dropdown, select "atom" as your format, and paste the cookied ID you gathered above, into the last field where it says sessionid cookie (for @friends) and hit the GET button.

When Granary has done its thing, you'll end up with a link below the form. With the cookie value removed, mine looks like this:

This link holds your liberated Instagram photo feed. I plugged mine into my Feed Reader and into Aaron Parecki's Aperture and now I can read my Instagram feed on my phone using Indigenous, and on my desktop, all with no ads and no stories. Glorious!

Is anything lost?

Besides losing the ads and stories, you also lose the ability to favourite a post on Instagram, and to add comments to a post. However, I don't necessarily see this as a loss. If I want to Like a post, I can just do it on my own personal feed, and it ends up looking like this. Sure, if it's a post from a friend of mine, they won't know from their post, that I liked it. But you know how you can fix that? Write them an email. If your feed reader lets you email a post, you can email your friend saying you liked their picture.

Not being able to comment might be the biggest loss, but if you can live with that, then I think you should do it, go forth and liberate your Instagram feed.

This will definitely be the way I will consume Instagram until we've all moved over to Pixelfed.

P.S. I'm not sure how long the sessionid cookie lives for, so you might have to reconstruct the link in Granary once in a while, but that should be about it. Also, don't share that sessionid with anyone. I'm pretty sure it can be used to log into Instagram as you.

Jonas Voss

And a merry Christmas to you good sir (: 🎄

Jonas Voss

Yes, I noticed the email that Known sends to let me know that someone interacted with my post, had the quoted content and your comment mixed into one paragraph. Not sure where or how to fix that, but it could be that you need to deploy the fix you mention to more post types.

Jonas Voss

Excellent points. I watched The Mother of All Demo's at Reboot in Copenhagen in 2005, and it blew my mind. It also helped that Mr Engelbart himself was "present" live via videolink from the US.

Reading Vannevar Bush's "As We May Think" a few years earlier while at university, equally blew my mind.

I remember sharing Bush's article with my dad, to show him that smartphones weren't a new invention, but rather reality finally catching up with a postwar vision of how technology could be of help to us.

An IndieWeb Webring 🕸💍

Jonas Voss