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Jonas Voss

All gas no brakes is my new favourite YouTube channel. Early 2000s local TV channel voxpop flavours, surreal interview subjects, and somehow there's always somebody rapping in it:

Jonas Voss

Indeed, there I was, just having a mighty old time with @TheRock and @Oprah. Which reminds me of this great story

Jonas Voss

Replied to a post on :

Ah, a fellow former Chyrp user, and now fellow Known user. I really enjoyed Chyrp as well, the selfhosted Tumblr as I like to think of it. It was great, I themed it, but didn't have the chops to develop for it. Known is great too (:

Jonas Voss

My Spanish is pretty poor, but I sure miss it too

Jonas Voss

I want to get off Mr. Ton-That's dystopian facial recognition ride, please:

Jonas Voss

Hi @skiweather I'm not a skiing destination (:

Jonas Voss

New old bike

2 min read

I mentioned that my bike got stolen before Xmas, and it thoroughly pissed me off. My stolen steed was a Trek District single speed hybrid bike. In my experience the most perfect commuter bike I've ever had.

The bike had a carbon belt from Gates instead of a chain, and this means zero grease, and very low maintenance. I had driven my bike, according to Strava, for ~11500km in its lifetime. Mind you, I don't really do longer bike runs, I go to work, and I come back from work. I bike an average of 15-16km pr. day on weekdays. It's not much, but it keeps me happy and out of the tube. It's also a nice time where you are just transporting yourself, and you can clear your mind a little.

Anyway. Trek doesn't make the same bike any longer, so I immediately setup alerts on eBay to try to see if I could find the same one, or a worthy replacement. I don't really like to buy new bikes. They look too shiny and inviting for thiefs. 2nd hand it is.

I was in luck! On the 24th of December a gentleman from Gloucestershire put his belt driven Trek District for sale. I had a few exchanges with him, and bought it. On the first weekend of the year I went West to pick it up, and here it is in all its glory!

Trek District bicycle

The frame is a bit smaller than what I had before, but it's otherwise entirely same bike, which is great. I'm still on the lookout for a Trek District with a 54cm frame, but until then, this is now my steed.

The astute observer would notice that it has no mudguards, which is not good for a commuter that is supposed to get you somewhat dry between locations in London, so on Sunday I fitted it with mudguards from SKS, and I also swapped the pedals. It had flat pedals with toestraps, which also aren't great for a lot of start-stopping on your commute, so I swapped the pedals for some simple flat metal pedals that will hopefully last a while.

Jonas Voss

I've just discovered Flow State, a human curated newsletter sent out Mon-Fri recommending two hours of music that's perfect for working. It's free, but if you pay you get extra features:

Jonas Voss

Water at airports

1 min read

Water at airportsย has been around since 2017, according to wayback machine. The purpose is, in the words of its creator:

I created this website because not only am I fed up with paying high prices for drinking water in airport departure lounges, but we all need to cut down on the amount of one use plastics we are throwing away into the environment.

Users, as well as the owner, contributes their own findings. You can subscribe to anย RSS feed of the forumย to keep a note of the updates for the different airports.

For the last couple of years I've been travelling with a water bottle to avoidย usingย more plastic than necessary when travelling, and this site has been helpful in finding where to fill it in the departure lounges I've visited.

Jonas Voss

The Vanmoof looks like a solid piece of bike, wish you could get that service with other bikes. I guess I'll try to fit a GPS tracker on my next bike, might act as a deterrent as well.

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