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Sobering for some: Silicon Valley rents

The tech boom has pushed up property prices in the Bay Area. Single-family home prices in San Jose and San Francisco have risen by 72% and 42%, respectively, in the past decade, compared with an increase of 10% nationally. Because of the high cost of living, a family of four with income of $105,350 or less is now considered “low income” in San Francisco and San Mateo counties, according to the Department of Housing and Urban Development.



Running Jupyter and the Scipy stack on Android

I don't understand much of what I did to accomplish this, but I did manage to get jupyter notebooks and the ipython environment installed on my Chromebook, which as a beginner, is a really helpful environment for learning python.

jupyter makes it easier to read the notes from the python bootcamp course I'm currently doing from Udemy when I'm not online.