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Jonas Voss

Goulash Disko 2019 - the crowdfunded festival

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I watched both of the Fyre Festival documentaries, and found them fascinating. The way social media was used, the way they were selling it as a unique experience, that by participating in it, would make you unique and special as well.

Well, the best festival to deliver on this concept is in my opinion, Goulash Disko.

It's a festival taking place on the island of Vis in Croatia, and although they can't market it as an island formerly belonging to a drug trafficker, it was allegedly used by Tito as a hideout in the early 1940s, when he was hiding in a cave on the island.

Goulash Disko has been happening every year since 2013, and the unique part of the festival is, that it's 100% crowd funded. The funding run just started this past week, and it's already over 100% funded.

I participated in the one in 2013, the first one, and it was a great experience. From what I know, it has only gotten better. I recommend it, if you don't have any plans for mid-September yet.

Lineups to be announced I believe, but you can check out the lineups from previous years on their website on the link above.

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Jonas Voss