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Jonas Voss

ITVs Database - 1984

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I like everything about this episode of ITV's information technology program, hosted by Tony Bastable.

  • Aired in 1984
  • The program features a transmission of data for owners of home computers, specifically owners of home micros, at the end of each episode
  • Features the reply "I haven't been caught yet" by Pete Perkins, to the question on whether it's legal to copy the functionality of the Apple II and IBM. He also refuses to have copied it, btw, rather they are compatible
  • Talks about amateur radio enthusiasts, one of the first generation of hackers
  • Cold war references to Afghanistan resistence buying Z80A Central Processing Unit chip in Tokyo, while you can't even buy Sinclair computers in the duty free section in Heathrow, out of fear that it falls into the wrong hands
  • A request for british high street computer retailers to not only sell the hardware, but also offer classes on how to use it, in their retail buildings, because that's what the Japanese do.
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Jonas Voss