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Valuing vandalism: graffiti

5 Pointz artists gets compensation from landlord who wilfully destroyed works of art.



YunoHost is a server operating system aiming to make self-hosting accessible to everyone.


Running Jupyter and the Scipy stack on Android

I don't understand much of what I did to accomplish this, but I did manage to get jupyter notebooks and the ipython environment installed on my Chromebook, which as a beginner, is a really helpful environment for learning python.

jupyter makes it easier to read the notes from the python bootcamp course I'm currently doing from Udemy when I'm not online.


Best Year Ever? Celebrating Hip Hop's Class of ’92—25 Years Later

Here's a great article on what was happening on the east coast in 1992, and how many golden albums dropped that year.



chyrp on GitHub -  The ultra-lightweight ultra-flexible blogging engine with a fetish for birds and misspellings.

Surprised to see that chyrp is still alive, somewhat at least. I managed to install it again, but then it was saddening to see that it doesn't have any themes available, and that the only way out is writing your own. I did that once and was not impressed with my accomplishments.