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Jonas Voss

2 home wins

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I managed to get some sourdough going, thanks in no small part to Hessam for nudging me for a good part of a decade to just baking do it. Thank you. Below is loaf #2 in its natural habitat. It's not perfect, but it's heaps better than my other bread baking routine. That one still makes a good bread, but the texture and taste is so much different from the sourdough bread.


As if that wasn't enough to propel me to hipster stardom, I also managed to sharpen my knives, after neglecting them for 7 years. Shame on me. Now they can actually cut again. When I bought them they came with a sharpening stone, that I successfully ignored using, but for some reason managed to hold on to in spite of moving 3 times since I bought the knives. Photo is from before I started sharpening, which explains why it looks so neat:

I survived the sharpening, and the knives can now cut again, instead of merely displacing matter by force.

Apart from that, looks like it will be a while before normality returns.

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