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Jonas Voss

2 home wins

1 min read

I managed to get some sourdough going, thanks in no small part to Hessam for nudging me for a good part of a decade to just baking do it. Thank you. Below is loaf #2 in its natural habitat. It's not perfect, but it's heaps better than my other bread baking routine. That one still makes a good bread, but the texture and taste is so much different from the sourdough bread.


As if that wasn't enough to propel me to hipster stardom, I also managed to sharpen my knives, after neglecting them for 7 years. Shame on me. Now they can actually cut again. When I bought them they came with a sharpening stone, that I successfully ignored using, but for some reason managed to hold on to in spite of moving 3 times since I bought the knives. Photo is from before I started sharpening, which explains why it looks so neat:

I survived the sharpening, and the knives can now cut again, instead of merely displacing matter by force.

Apart from that, looks like it will be a while before normality returns.

Jonas Voss

How to respond to Corona misinformation

2 min read

There's a lot of misinformation about the current SARS-CoV-2 outbreak being shared in the silos of messaging apps. This means it's harder to search for them in an attempt to verify their validity. People who share them aren't doing it to cause harm, quite the opposite, they are sharing them because they believe it will help their friends and loved ones.

Various claims about drinking hot water, gargling with a hot water saline solution, and going into the sun are all things that hasn't proven to do anything in terms of avoiding getting the virus, or alleviating it if you are already infected.

If your friends or family share these things with you on chats or email, please tell them that none of these things are proven to work, and that the consequences of following the advice from these copy/paste jobs vary from mostly harmless (drink hot drinks), to potentially harmful to you or others (if you have a runny nose, then you don't have coronavirus).

There's a few things you can do to respond in a way that can help convince them these statements are not true, and that they should stop sharing them as if they are. One of them is pointing them to one of the many sites that are debunking the claims with supported material and science:

Stay safe, stay home and help stop the rumors and the outbreak from spreading.

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Jonas Voss