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Jonas Voss

Min selvhostede installation fylder 20 år næste år. Jeg elsker den.

Jeg har forsøgt mig med andre muligheder for at vedligeholde personlige noter (Google Docs, Standard Notes, Simplenote, Obsidian), men jeg vender altid tilbage til min dokuWiki installation fordi den er så fleksibel. Den har indtil videre kunne alt jeg har brug for.

Jonas Voss

Kære folk (og internettet generelt): Jeg self-hoster (selv-hoster?) et lille udpluk af værktøjer til personligt brug (shaarli, dokuwiki, TT RSS). Hvad mangler jeg i min værktøjskasse, som du ikke selv kan leve uden?

Jonas Voss

Festive indieweb and selfhosting

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Holiday is on, and apart from relaxing with the family, I aim to look into a bunch of stuff before I'm back at the factory in January.

My Indieweb life is coming on well, thanks to Known, and the community in London. I attended my first couple of Homebrew Website Club meetups in town in 2018, and although my contributions to the community so far is non-existant, I'm very glad to have met a handful of people to talk indieweb stuff with in person, on a regular basis. I've also logged onto the Indieweb slack/IRC channel where I'm a regular lurker.

One thing I'd like to do is, to import all the posts from my homegrown CMS into Known, so they get equipped with all the indieweb goodness which is part and parcel of Known. I've had comments turned off on my own CMS for years, because I gave up dealing with the deluge of spam coming in through the comments form. I'd like to have comments back. Known has an import feature which will let me import Wordpress RSS-feeds (which my old blog produces), so it should be possible. I did try a few weeks ago and wasn't successful, but I gather with a bit of tinkering I can make it work.

On the selfhosting front I'm very happy with my current inventory (bookmark service from Shaarli, Tiny Tiny RSS for reading feeds, dokuWiki for documenting/notes), but I also want to host more stuff. In particular, I'd like to try to run my own instance of Mattermost. With my current hosting provider, that option is a bit limited. As long as whatever service I want to selfhost has very standard requirements, such as PHP and MySQL, to run, then I'm fine. But I find that more and more of the things I would like to try to selfhost, requires a bit more, such as artisan, go, docker, and a bunch of other things that I either a) never heard of before or b), have heard of before, but have no clue about.

I will sign up for a month of VPS with one of the providers in the field, and try out a few things. It might be overkill, but then at least I'll know I'm in way over my head, and I can return to my shared hosting, and whatever that allows me to install.

Happy holidays (:

Jonas Voss

Does anyone else keep their own knowledge wiki?

I've had a private installation of dokuwiki for years, but didn't use it for a large chunk of time. Within the last year, I've started using it again, and I really like it. This thread on has some great comments on the benefits of keeping one, and even more so, on making it public. Not sure I'm doing the public thing yet, but I'm definitely using it more and more.

The great thing about dokuwiki is, that it's just txt files underneath, so you can read and edit them with a text editor as well, if you prefer.

An IndieWeb Webring 🕸💍

Jonas Voss