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Jonas Voss

Listen Broken Record: Dave Hill and the Epistemology of Norwegian Black Metal

One of the most entertaining episodes of Broken Record I've come across. My first encounter was back in 2018 when it came out, and hearing it again now still brings a smile to my face.

Dave Hill is awesome.

From the description on

Malcolm Gladwell sits down with comedian, guitarist, and legendary metalhead Dave Hill, as he recounts how an email exchange between his alter ego Lance and a Norwegian black metal impresario named Saiitham (pronounced “satan”) led to the formation of the darkest metal band of all time. Dave Hill also performs a mediocre rendition of “Hammer Smashed Face,” plus we debut his single “Are You Ready (to Black Metal)?”

By Malcolm Gladwell, Dave Hill

Jonas Voss

Matt Webb har lavet et smart katalog over alle episoder af et af verdens bedste radioprogrammer, BBCs In Our Time med Melvin Bragg, Der gøres brug af sexede ting som Dewey Decimal og GPT-3. Det er sgu smart.


Jonas Voss

En særdeles interessant gennemgang af, hvad der ligger til grund for tankegangen bag Reichsbürger-bevægelsen, sovereign citizens, mm.

Verden ifølge Gram: Truer yderfløjene tysk demokrati?

Episode webpage:

Jonas Voss

I thoroughly enjoyed Jamie Bartlett's podcast 'The Missing Crypto Queen'.
The 8 episodes pulls at the loose strings behind the 'crypto currency' OneCoin, and is a great example of investigate journalism in podcast form.

Jonas Voss

Here's why we're entering the Golden Age of Podcasts

Interesting read about the trends in podcasting, and what Spotify's acquisition of Gimlet Media might mean for the industry.

h/t Keith

Jonas Voss

Was listening to the excellent podcast series about computing in 1968, called "1968: When the World Began" by Nextbillionseconds which Paul shared not so long ago. I was pretty sure I had never heard about Mark Pesce until I got to episode 4 in the series, and Mark shares that he's a co-inventor of VRML (

Last time I came across VRML was in 2003 while working on my masters degree, where I used it to visualise scenes from an interactive film. I had never heard about VRML before back then, and I never heard about it since. Took me by surprise, I was not expecting to ever hear about it again either (:

Fantastic podcast series btw, 4 great episodes, highly recommend it (

Jonas Voss

BBC Radio 4 - The Long Walk

In 1956, a Polish officer called Slavomir Rawicz caused a sensation with "The Long Walk," his account of a his dramatic escape from the Soviet Gulag and a 4000-mile trek on foot to India. The book was a bestseller and has remained in print for over half a century. Rawicz describes how he his fellow escapees slogged across the Siberian tundra, traversed the Gobi Desert and scaled the Himalayas. Along the way they faced hunger, exhaustion, disease and even a couple of yetis. A thrilling story: but was it true? Many have doubted whether this extraordinary tale can really have happened.

Jonas Voss

The art of now - Greek Revival

As Athens struggles through what's been called a "forever crisis", the critic Alastair Sooke reports on the arts boom in Greece.

Jonas Voss

The Gun Show - More Perfect - WNYC Studios

This is a must listen show, about the 2nd amendment of the US Constitution.

An IndieWeb Webring 🕸💍

Jonas Voss