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Jonas Voss

Was listening to the excellent podcast series about computing in 1968, called "1968: When the World Began" by Nextbillionseconds which Paul shared not so long ago. I was pretty sure I had never heard about Mark Pesce until I got to episode 4 in the series, and Mark shares that he's a co-inventor of VRML (

Last time I came across VRML was in 2003 while working on my masters degree, where I used it to visualise scenes from an interactive film. I had never heard about VRML before back then, and I never heard about it since. Took me by surprise, I was not expecting to ever hear about it again either (:

Fantastic podcast series btw, 4 great episodes, highly recommend it (

Jonas Voss

BBC Radio 4 - The Long Walk

In 1956, a Polish officer called Slavomir Rawicz caused a sensation with "The Long Walk," his account of a his dramatic escape from the Soviet Gulag and a 4000-mile trek on foot to India. The book was a bestseller and has remained in print for over half a century. Rawicz describes how he his fellow escapees slogged across the Siberian tundra, traversed the Gobi Desert and scaled the Himalayas. Along the way they faced hunger, exhaustion, disease and even a couple of yetis. A thrilling story: but was it true? Many have doubted whether this extraordinary tale can really have happened.

Jonas Voss

The art of now - Greek Revival

As Athens struggles through what's been called a "forever crisis", the critic Alastair Sooke reports on the arts boom in Greece.

Jonas Voss

The Gun Show - More Perfect - WNYC Studios

This is a must listen show, about the 2nd amendment of the US Constitution.

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